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Jesse Stockwell Dancing Around The Facts

Jesse Stockwell of Optima Tax Relief: Can he spin anything?

Jesse Stockwell, formally Jesse E. Torres IV

Jesse Stockwell: Why not just deny the charges against you and show a few documents to back it up? We made request after request to you for your side of the story, which never came.

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION From The U.S. Watchdogs: Optima Tax Relief / Jesse Stockwell: And The Spin Goes On

No matter how you try to spin it Jesse, we will be there to make sure that people see the facts we uncovered and the sources of your wealth, your loyalties to convicted felons and your attacks against your own father including standing with those who threatened his life (arrest warrant).

To our readers, see if you agree with us that Jesse tried to avoid answering the charges against him by diverting your eye from the facts published at this and other U.S. Freedom Network Investigative Blogs.

Who is Jesse Stockwell, given name: Jesse E. Torres IV?

Jesse Stockwell, who changed his name from Jesse E. Torres IV, (Google: Is this why?) and who appears to have removed his name from the websites and posts he owns, controls or advertises on, is now attempting to spin the facts uncovered by the United States Watchdogs and other U.S. Freedom Network Websites. Continue reading