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Jesse Stockwell’s Company LoanNow Charges 49% to 189% Vig: Loan Sharking?

Elderly Abuse

Our senior citizen volunteers had to reach for their Nitro tablets when they saw 189% interest!

Al Capone and Bugs Moran would envy Jesse Stockwell. Our researchers are senior citizens and they had to reach for their nitro tablets when they saw the rates published, yes published, at Jesse’s LoanNow website available here. And if the page disappears, as has happened in the past, we made a pdf facsimile available here.

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We are still shaking our heads! 189% interest. That’s one-hundred-and-eighty-nine percent interest! Using their loan example of a $2500 loan paid back over 12 months, you borrow $2500 and you pay back $11,901.25. That’s $9,401.25 in interest! Hell, where we come from, that’s vig. Be serious! You can get a better deal at your local neighborhood loan shark. Even the Chicago Mob is going to buy one of Jesse Stockwell’s books he claims to author on his website, I guess they taught a whole lot more at the Wharton School of Business than we thought. Do they hand out Tommy Guns rather than diplomas at graduation?

Let us present the following scenario of Jesse’s business plan. Please remember, this is pure speculation: Continue reading

SuperMoney. Is this the Jesse Stockwell Spin Machine?

slide-jugglerSuperMoney at first-look appears to be an independent website with financial information for visitors. Way down at the bottom of their home page we found an ‘About Us’ link. That leads you to another link, then to the following page. There you will find that SuperMoney is another business in the family of businesses owned and operated by Jesse Stockwell. As pages seem to disappear, we saved a pdf facsimile available here.

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“Caveat emptor’, let the buyer beware. certainly appears to us to have been created for one reason: to show what Jesse Stockwell wants you to believe is an independent website that has nothing but high praise for Jesse Stockwell’s companies, Debtmerica LLC and Optima Tax Relief LLC. On the Supermoney website on the review menu, we clicked on “Debt Settlement“. Surprise! Debtmerica is at the top of the list with a 100/100, 5-star rating. We then clicked on “Tax Relief“. Surprise again! Optima Tax Relief also has a 100/100, 5-star rating. What’s next? Anyone interested in buying this bridge in Brooklyn? Continue reading